Wednesday, January 24, 2007

illustration friday - "super hero"

this is our hero, buttercup, showing off her powers of what we like to call "the fatness". sorry i've been away so long, by the way. that's what working six days a week will do. but hey, it beats slogging through six classes in one semester, as i did this past fall (in case you were wondering, i got four A's and two A+'s). luckily, i'll only be taking five classes this semester. what a relief that will be--well, it would be a relief if it weren't for the two jobs and volunteering that will be added to those five classes. wasn't life supposed to be easier by now?

Thursday, January 04, 2007

illustration friday - "phoenix"

phoenix, arizona

arizona, that is. this watercolor drawing is from a family trip to phoenix. one of my best friends, jason, was dating my sister-in-law emily, so he was there too. each morning we would hike into the hills to draw the landscape, or to work our comics or what-have-you. this was one of my landscapes. the end.