Friday, January 23, 2009

i did not draw this on location

click image for a closer look

it's been a while since i've put up anything with scenery. i love doing the portraits, but every now and then i need a change of pace, you know? this drawing was inspired by a photo i came across on the adventure 16 blog, which you can see here.

i'm still working mainly in colored pencil, but lately i've been throwing in a few change-ups here and there (more liberal use of graphite, pen and ink, digital manipulations, etc.)

i've really been pushing to get commissions as of late, putting myself out there as much as i can. i joined,,, and so forth, in hopes that the right person is going to discover me soon. grad school ain't gonna pay for itself, folks!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a great white guy in the great white north

conan o'brien

click image for a closer look

here's conan o'brien, in his royal canadian mounted police uniform, from the week he did the show in toronto. i loved the look of the white gloves against the red jacket, though i think the real guys usually wear brown gloves for the most part.

i did something a little different this time, using black and red ink in the belt and jacket areas. i used the ink for the base layer, then added colored pencil over it. it really makes the color all bursty, don't you think?

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

reunited and it feels so good

in the treehouse

some of you out there may have heard me at some point tell a story about myself as a young lad of about seven years of age, sitting in my driveway while drawing a car that was parked across the street. i remember this moment as probably the earliest inclination i might have had about being an artist. i remembered being very proud of that drawing, and i would take it with me wherever i went for the next several weeks, showing it to people.

i thought that the drawing and any evidence of it was long gone, but lo and behold, i happened upon the photo you see above while visiting my dad over christmas! in the photo you can see my brother and i in the treehouse our dad built in grandma davis' front yard, and there i am, clutching that already rough-hewn sheet of construction paper. i must've had it in my pocket, as the six fold lines would indicate. so a big thanks goes to former me, for thinking to whip out the drawing when my dad went for the camera.

this would have been enough to make the present me happy, but when i voiced my excitement about the photo to dad, he said that he probably still had the drawing itself stashed away somewhere. and after two minutes of shuffling through a dresser drawer, he produced this:

the orange car

holy crap, right?

Sunday, January 04, 2009

my life as a potato

daniel day-lewis and paul dano

click image for a closer look

here's a fairly new one of daniel day-lewis and paul dano, stars of there will be blood. i just saw mr. dano as dwayne in little miss sunshine last night, too. i'd seen it before, but it came on television last night, so i saw it again.

julia and i had been away from home for 12 days until we finally arrived got back yesterday morning. we had intended to get a lot of work done this weekend, but when we got here, we found that we didn't want to do a thing except vegetate on the couch. we ended up watching three movies in all, so i feel like we accomplished something, no?