Saturday, June 27, 2009

don't look

cowsclick image for a closer look

Do You Know How Animals Die?
watercolor on paper
11.75" x 8.5"

this is the latest in my "what humans do to other animals" series--well, now that there are two, i can call it a series.

for the record, i'm not saying that no one should ever eat meat. i do, however, think that everyone--humans and animals alike--would benefit if people ate far less meat than they do right now. if people ate the actual recommended allowance for the meat and beans group(six ounces or less, depending on one's age and sex) the demand for meat would be lower, and we would have no need for factory farms and overfishing. cows, pigs, and chickens could put their feet on the ground where they belong, rather than on concrete or metal wire for their entire lives. fish species would have a chance to recover from years of overfishing to fill all-you-can-eat platters.

what can you do? when you can, try to eat food that is grown locally. greatly reduce or eliminate fast food from your diet (your heart will thank you). never eat fois gras or veal. watch the video meet your meat, and eat mindfully.

Monday, June 15, 2009

freens and fambly


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eric pitra

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Ryan, Jo Ann, and Eric P.
graphite and colored pencil on paper
each 5" x 8"

here are three drawings i did today while on hall duty. for the record, eric's neck is not really like that in real life.

flightless wings unfold


click image for a closer look

The Albatross about My Neck Was Hung
watercolor on paper
11" x 8.5"

I'm planning to enter this one in the East End Arts Council's next juried show, which has water as its theme.

A question for the audience: Is it apparent what is happening in this picture, or is it too subtle?

By the way, my painting entitled Levi (see previous post) was accepted in the "Bodies at Rest" show, and it's on display until July 10 at the EEAC in Riverhead. High five!