Friday, September 28, 2007

party girl sings the blues, sarcastically

here's another for the comics show i'm semi-helping to curate. jason estrin deserves most of the credit for this thing coming about. without him, this thing never would have gotten beyond a zygote of a gallery show. the exhibit will be at secret project robot in williamsburg, brooklyn, through the month of october. the opening is on saturday, october 6th. go to the box social blog for more details.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

hallmark is for wussies

these are the cards i made for my dad and mom on their respective days this year.

dad's card, outer:

dad's card, inner:

mom's card, outer:

mom's card, inner:

i was not able to see my mom's reaction to her card, but i'm sure it was just as quizzical a look as the one i saw my dad give his.

dad: "that's, um, really neat there, son..."

back after all this time

has it really been three months since i posted anything? so sorry, folks. the summer just flew, dinnit?

this drawing is a sketch for a comics project i'm working on. there's a show i'm supposed to be in this october (yikes), and i'm trying to do this series of random people with word balloons saying random things. some funny, some sad, some both. hopefully i'll be able to finish them on time. (special note to IFers: this drawing only obliquely hints at the "wedding" theme for the week, so the following image is included as an additional--albeit still oblique--reference.)

this is my first real "paid gig" right here! a local church hired me to do an illustration of their building for their website. and they gave me money for it! now, if i could only get about 100 more of those jobs per year, i'd be doing all right.