Tuesday, May 30, 2006

field recording artists

jason estrin, sarah glidden, and i are starting a comics-making group. we will be meeting on thursday nights usually, making assignments and working toward a publication, so if you're interested, let me know via email, or telephone if you know me already. we will usually be meeting either in brooklyn, queens or manhattan, though we may plan other field trips as well. it should be a lot of fun, so please join if you think you can handle it! our brand-new blog is here. by the way, this week's assignment is to make a forward facing self-portrait in black and white (in 3x4 proportion), and if you can, try to make a one or two page comic based on an old photo of yourself. it can be a real story or fictional, as long as it includes one panel that is a drawing of the photograph you have chosen. please bring the self-portrait, the comic and the original photograph to share with the group. however, please do not feel that you have to do the assignment this time. we would rather see more people at the meeting, so please come anyway, whether you can do the assignment or not.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

something old, something new

i found some old line drawings on my computer and decided to post them. they are from a couple of years ago, when my "drawing with ink" instructor had us make 50 drawings in an hour. hence, they are full of drawing mistakes, or "happy accidents" as bob ross would say.
tape dispensercanopener

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

illustration friday - "sorry"

this is poor mr. bones, and he is surely sorry about everything.

i'm on a roll, with butter

lookit, i've done two shelton diagram pieces in two days! now i just have to get to the post office and mail them. here's the one i finished last night:


Monday, May 22, 2006

intro to shelton diagram factory, crackers

so this is my first original post (that didn't come from an old post on myspace). the picture of stephin merritt came from a newspaper article that discussed some critics' opinions that mr. merritt is a racist, or at least a "rockist", because his personal top five records do not include any black artists. while i do find that strange (no otis redding? marvin gaye? nina simone? billie holiday? i mean, c'mon.), i don't think that the guy's musical taste would take the color of the artist into consideration. especially when you consider his total gayness, which i would think would make him sensitive to discrimination issues and such. anyway, i thought the picture of him playing with his fat chihuahua was funny.

stephin merrittfoil robot

the second picture is my first entry in james keegan's shelton diagram factory correspondence school. if any members are seeing this, you'll have to check your mail within the next week or so to see if you are the (lucky?) recipient of this picture.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

that's it for the re-posts

sorry it's been so long, but the monitor broke, so i've been computer-less for a while. here's some stuff i've done since school ended:

hitler continentalholepunchpsycho-redfordmaynard/crane

the little brown book is what i draw in at work, when i'm stuck in the theater waiting to go out on a bus. *this is the last re-post. everything you read that comes before this post is older stuff that i moved from my myspace blog. everything after this is new material. yay!

with a sword and a pistol by his side, mmmhmm

okay--school's done, and it's time to earn some money. hopefully the shelton diagram factory correspondence school will keep my art senses keen. by the way, everyone interested in making, sending, and receiving art ray-johnson-style over the summer should sign up with james keegan (he's the james in my friends list). today's the last day to reply, so get on it! (that means you wrona, may and jason) if you don't know james personally, just tell him that i recommended you.

here are the last bits for joo's class:

last day 1pressurestackslast day 2

don't worry, i'll keep this book going, because i love this book like a mother.

i feel like we should turn off the tv in there

hey kids! the mac at work blew up, so i haven't had a chance to scan stuff in a while. meg let me take some digital pictures of my in-progress paintings, so when she emails them to me, i'll put those up too. anyway, here's some stuff:

vanitas studywhite ladylamppostheat

i'm working on the radio station's website (www.wsvaradio.com), so all of the previous shows from this semester will be up by the end of the week.

more naughty bits

number one is from a photo my dad took of me as a kid, and the other is from joo's class:
me as a boyboth hands

but thanks for asking

here's a couple of things from the ol' sketchbook. the second one is a sketch for a sci-fi poster for a made-up movie:

blue reclinehalo

it is on the wall, and i am relieved

here are james keegan's photos of my stuff at the man-made monster show:

gallery 1gallery 2gallery 3

i ain't afraid of no rolly-coaster!

here's a few things from the past week, sort of decompression from the cambodia stuff, messing around with collage and brushes. the dude is from joo's class today. we had the weird model again--i shall call him "creepy balls".

chairscreepy ballsrollycoaster

me playing at shutterbug

i made some pictures for painting reference:





any votes for which one i should paint first?

red balloon will push you down a well...

red balloon will send you straight to hell:

chinese childrenwashout

i went a little crazy with the wash on that second one, but i think the head came out pretty good.