Friday, December 12, 2008

my candy was taken away by a baby

that's right. a kid stole my ipod, right off the teacher's desk in my classroom! at first i thought it was one of my own students, which broke my heart. now i'm 99% sure it was taken while another teacher's class was in the room, which makes me feel only marginally better about it. unfortunately, i was not aware that it was gone until about an hour after it happened, so we could only narrow it down to the twenty or so kids who were in the room at the time. i've told my students and the other teacher's students that i will not punish anyone if it is returned safely. i also offered a reward for good information that led to recovery. but that was two days ago, and nothing's happened so far.

just for the record, it was a 5th generation, black, 30GB ipod video classic, serial number 2Z6164G3TXK. it was in a black metal case that had a leaf/vine pattern etched on the front, to the right of the click wheel. i had over 9300 songs on my ipod, which had taken me two years to load. unfortunately, i had no backup for my song library, due to computer problems. so even if i finally get a new one, it will be a long road back to where i was. that's what burns me most of all.

i'm so sad. so much of me was in that thing. all the scouring the internet for obscurities that only a few people know or care about, songs that were woven through my memories and tied to my own personal history--it's all gone, and i'm so sad.