Monday, May 22, 2006

intro to shelton diagram factory, crackers

so this is my first original post (that didn't come from an old post on myspace). the picture of stephin merritt came from a newspaper article that discussed some critics' opinions that mr. merritt is a racist, or at least a "rockist", because his personal top five records do not include any black artists. while i do find that strange (no otis redding? marvin gaye? nina simone? billie holiday? i mean, c'mon.), i don't think that the guy's musical taste would take the color of the artist into consideration. especially when you consider his total gayness, which i would think would make him sensitive to discrimination issues and such. anyway, i thought the picture of him playing with his fat chihuahua was funny.

stephin merrittfoil robot

the second picture is my first entry in james keegan's shelton diagram factory correspondence school. if any members are seeing this, you'll have to check your mail within the next week or so to see if you are the (lucky?) recipient of this picture.