Wednesday, May 17, 2006

car thieves and migraines

new drawings abound up in here:
blue girlhospitalthree womench-ch-changes

the last one is from an old photo of me and chris when we lived in denver. the second one is from tuesday evening, when i had to go back in for a c.t. scan because i was having headaches again. they said it was just residual swelling from the surgery, and i've been okay since then--except my hair started falling out again today, which is a bummer.

on a better note, julia and i went out to speonk (on the east end of long island) this weekend, and it was a nice break. and she got a new car in riverhead on sunday, so that's a load off of her shoulders (her car was stolen a couple of weeks ago, remember?).

okay, time to get on the thesis train for a while.

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