Wednesday, May 17, 2006

progress and regression

for some reason my apartment smells like diapers. anyway, here's some new drawings for my project. woodruff is pretty much hating it so far, and so is the rest of the class for that matter. apparently the pictures are "too pretty" to deal with the subject of torture. so, do i have to dumb down and make philip guston drawings? i'm really stuck as to how to appease everybody else with this thing, so i'm just going to keep making things the way i make them. i usually have a pretty thick skin when it comes to criticism, but i kind of flipped out in class the other day, especially when someone said, "i mean, i don't really care what happened in cambodia, so i don't really get what you're trying to do with this..." what can i say to that? i wanted to spark discussion with this project, but this is fucking ridiculous. all i seem to be getting in the way of "helpful" criticism is, "hey, maybe you could do life-size, full-body portraits or huge historical battle-scene paintings or anything other than the type of pictures you want to make."oh well. you can't please everybody, right? i guess in this case, i can't please anybody. anyway, here's the pictures:

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