Friday, January 23, 2009

i did not draw this on location

click image for a closer look

it's been a while since i've put up anything with scenery. i love doing the portraits, but every now and then i need a change of pace, you know? this drawing was inspired by a photo i came across on the adventure 16 blog, which you can see here.

i'm still working mainly in colored pencil, but lately i've been throwing in a few change-ups here and there (more liberal use of graphite, pen and ink, digital manipulations, etc.)

i've really been pushing to get commissions as of late, putting myself out there as much as i can. i joined,,, and so forth, in hopes that the right person is going to discover me soon. grad school ain't gonna pay for itself, folks!


Matthew Smith said...

great composition! well done!

amber perrodin said...

this is cool, i like the guys pants.

CATI said...

Magnific! Very beautiful illustration! I like it!

CATI said...

haha, hope is not In situ!!