Saturday, June 03, 2006

why am i not sleeping?

okay, one last thing and i'm off to bed. this is a collage that was inspired totally by the tiny little old lady with the green hat. i cut her out and saved her years ago, knowing that one day i would use her in something. i could never find something that she really fit in, so i decided one day to build a picture around her. this was also for a collage assignment in which i had to use shredded money. the picture of the "baby" is actually that of a fully-grown adult who stood approximately 20" tall.


mcaplan said...

I must ask where you are working on your Illustration Degree??
I ask because I went to SVA and took a class where we had to use shredded money. I still have a bag of it in my studio stash just waiting to be used. Gotta do that!! I have been carting that bag around for years!

ronald p.d. brandt said...

i am also at sva. this was for collage class with victoria kann.

spacast said...

i enjoy full grown baby heads and the lasers that shoot from them. i'm going to be in south carolina from the 30th through the 4th, however, keep me posted as to you and your lovely fiancee's whereabouts and i might be able work a little magic--you know, nose wiggling and all. i am starting classes that wednesday, so i'm not sure, but you never know.