Thursday, March 06, 2008

more celebrities - now in vivid technicolor!

ryan adams sam waterson carly simon

here are some more famous folks i've seen out and about in nyc:

mr. waterson i've seen on a few occasions, at various tapings of law n' order.

ryan adams, along with then-girlfriend parker posey, came into the now-closed east village record shop that once employed me. he bought a smiths bootleg. see, even musicians with contracts like to stick it to the record companies! of course, parker posey will be showing up here shortly.

carly also came into the record shop. she said, "you probably don't know who i am, but..." and i said "of course i do! i think that song is about me!" she laughed and asked if we could possibly carry her new (at the time) christmas cd, which was recorded in a hotel room or some such thing.

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cottonfish said...

did you really say that to her? Because that would be some really clever quick thinkin!

just stoppin by, hope all is well.