Wednesday, May 14, 2008

i have actually met only one of these

bjork jack black jim carrey parker posey hugh laurie

and that was miss parker posey, whom i ran across during my former incarnation as a hipster-east-village-record-store-employee. see this post for more info.

of the five portraits you see here, i am particularly proud of the bjork and the hugh laurie. i'm not quite as satisfied with the jack and the jim, but i do feel like i'm generally starting to get my speed and accuracy up to levels i'm comfortable with.

ooh, when i typed the word "satisfied" just now, that exact word was mentioned in the song that was playing. that song owes me a coke!


cottonfish said...


I'd like to meet this serious Adriane girl. Sounds weird.

I look forward to future posts

Cecilia Levy said...

I love the way you use the background color, it "lifts" the portraits. they are great

Cotygreenwood said...

This is one of favorites that you have done. That pose that Hugh is in is his attitude exactly. It really shows his personality through that one detail.