Monday, October 20, 2008

out late, playing darts

out late, playing darts

click image for a closer look

so here you go. i decided to try coloring in photoshop (see previous post). s'okay. i think i learned a few things, anyhoo.


Gwynnie Frey said...

this is neat! photoshop color turned out well- i always have trouble with that.

blackbird illustration said...

I've noticed that you posted a comment on my illo, I've checked your blog and I must say that this is a really nice piece.

Jennifer H said...

Is there a "proper"way to color in photoshop? I've always just gone the trial and error route. My favorite discovery so far is multiplying the layers. Looks like you're doing very well. Very nice drawing and coloring.

Kim Herbst said...

I love the way this one came out! More like this! More!