Thursday, November 20, 2008

make me feel good like i'm something

over on the left of the screen, if you scroll down a little ways, you'll find a section called "folks who like my bloggity skills". i'd like to invite you to click on the link there so you can keep tabs on what's happening around here at i nearly died.

won't you join in the fun and become a follower of my little collection of drawings and silly ramblings? i promise not to brainwash you.

okay, maybe just a little brainwashing.


Heather said...

I have a request: I would like to see the original sizes of each piece. Just a thought...

ronald p.d. brandt said...

hi heather!

most of the recent portraits are roughly 5"x 8", with the exception of steve buscemi, which was a section of a 9" x 12" collaborative piece. any commissioned work is sized according to the client's wishes.

from now on, i will include sizes in the accompanying text. thanks for the request!