Tuesday, November 04, 2008

where is everybody?

julia on the beach

click image for a closer look

here's julia again, on the beach in winter. we love going to the beach in the off season, when no one else is around. not that we don't like you or anything, but we need our space sometimes, you know?

thanks for understanding.

hang on. obama's victory speech is starting...

...aaaand that was the first time that a politician's speech has ever made me cry. what can i say? the man's got skills.


Cock Yer Doodle said...

this is gorgeous

Anonymous said...

fantastic illustration.
a big hello to nyc and congratulations to your new president!


Azulita said...

Very sensitive portrait. I like it a lot.

I cried last night too.
"Yes we did!"

Ralph Verano said...

first time seeing your work. very nice stuff.

INDIGENE said...

Wow, amazing textures and facial expression!


mam'zelle roĆ¼ge said...

Incredible work !

Tessa said...

Just brilliant - a real sense of place and mood. And YAY! Obama! He made me cry, the sheer joy on the faces of the crowd made me cry... America, my heart sings for you.

Anonymous said...

your drawings are brilliant. I can't explain it, but it's a type of drawing that I was afraid had vanished.

By the way, I saw in a comment somewhere that you had Ben Katchor for a teacher in an art class. Where?


ronald p.d. brandt said...

thanks, everyone!

to minor henchman: i took ben katchor's excellent "comic strip workshop" class at SVA a few years ago. i'll reply with more specifics on your blog.

Ben Mines said...

I like this one.